You are confused and overwhelmed…

You find yourself with a new business and a long list of jobs that need to done to get the doors open and start making money. Similar to a giant puzzle, getting started in business can be daunting. Hiring qualified professionals for your team will return surprising dividends. They know what to do to get you up and running and can advise you on best practices and compliance requirements.

Big job or small – no problem!  Startup, cleanup or fine tune, we proudly provide services to fit your needs.  We will explain the processes and teach you the current requirements so you can have the best possible experience without having to learn it all on your own.

The best advice is to do what you do best and hire the rest.

  • Increase your profitability using industry established controls and procedures
  • Increase your productivity with processes that bring it all together for your business
  • Increase your productivity with custom training for your business requirements
  • Eliminate the struggles often associated with learning new software
  • Eliminate your frustration of trying to develop efficient processes while maintaining workflow
  • Get tried and true solutions for your day-to-day business challenges
  • Get assistance to implement changes that provide positive results for you and your business
  • Get the exact training that you need to manage your accounting software
  • Gain valuable insights into your business
  • Saves you time on data conversions which gets you up and running quickly

  • Get professional full-cycle accounting
  • Meet all compliance / remittance deadlines
  • Minimize your business disruptions caused by audits
  • Eliminate late fines/penalties with on time reporting
  • Get a knowledgeable contractor that applies GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)
  • Get payroll services that are fully compliant with labour standards & federal taxation
  • Increase your productivity and save you time – we manage accounting processes while you manage your business
  • Get periodic reports that give you cash flow and management control

IPBC - Certified Professional Bookkeeper

There are huge benefits to be gained when you decide to pursue a paperless office. You will never totally eliminate the paper but you can seriously reduce it in your office. There is some upfront work to this endeavour but it will be worth the effort. Some of the benefits of going to a paperless office are:

A properly organized electronic filing system means you have quicker access to your documents. Computer hard drives have the capacity to store millions of documents that would otherwise require numerous filing cabinets and rooms to house the filing cabinets. Electronic files free up a lot of office storage space.

Time Saving
When you set up and maintain a digital document filing system, you will immediately realize a time saving. Jobs take less time and you now have more time for other jobs. This translates to greater productivity and measurable return on investment. There is also the time you save looking for and recreating lost or missing documents.

Sharing / Accessibility
With an electronic filing system, you can now work with and share documents and information quickly and easily, which further improves productivity throughout the company.  When documents are electronically stored in a shared digital location, everyone you work with has instant access whether they are in the same building or half way around the world.

There are security and administrative protocols with most digital systems thereby restricting access to the people that require it. In addition, there are usually daily, weekly and/or monthly backups of this data to redundant servers which can be restored in the event of a disaster or breach.

Customer Service
You are able to respond and resolve customer issues more quickly because you can readily access the information needed.

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