Bowen Products Limited

November 08, 2010

“My story is not uncommon…a year and a half ago, we tried to squeeze another year out of our outdated AccPac software, alas it crashed and was non-repairable. We contacted an established Accounting referral service and hired the recommended expert. After weeks of one disaster after another, we were forced to fire the ‘expert’ and fend for ourselves.

Via a desperate Google search, I stumbled across Lin’s website, contacted her by phone, explained the situation, she literally dropped everything came to our rescue! Lin was able to step-in assess our situation, offer a timely and cost-effective solution; she rolled up her sleeves and in a matter of days had completed what had taken the previous accountant weeks to do.

I was so impressed with Lin’s dedication, knowledge base, straight forward approach, and honesty that I offered her the permanent position of maintaining our books and SA software…thankfully Lin accepted and we have been working together weekly ever since!

It is without reservation or hesitation that I recommend Lin for any and all of your bookkeeping and Simply Accounting needs, she is the best!”

Gary Skipp, President
Bowen Products Limited