White Spot Restaurant

April 30, 2009

“I am the owner/operator of a busy White Spot Family Restaurant in British Columbia. After 20 years in the business, I was quite familiar with the ups and downs of daily restaurant management but had always left the accounting to an accountant. Since this was about to change, I knew I needed to face the facts that I had very little computer knowledge and no background whatsoever in bookkeeping or accounting.

“I needed to find someone who wouldn’t talk over my head, someone who could tailor their help to my level of understanding. And this is where Lin came in. She was able to guide me through any difficulties I had with Simply Accounting in a way that was clear, precise and immediately useful. Lin’s knowledge of Simply is extensive and she seems to genuinely enjoy sharing what she knows. Knowing that I could rely on her to assist me if I needed help gave me the confidence I needed to tackle my business accounts.

“Friendly support, knowledge and clarity – this is what Lin offers, and it has been a pleasure doing business with her.”

Jennifer Dawes, 
White Spot Restaurant