“Our organization is a non-profit agency that runs a variety of social services programs, including counselling, life skills support, and emergency shelter. We originally began in 1998 with one program, and have added additional programs along the way. We had grown quite a lot over the past decade, and were finding that our Sage 50 accounting system was no longer meeting our needs for tracking expenses. Payroll, and revenues in an organized fashion that reflected our complexity with multiple programs and special projects running concurrently. Our Finance and Payroll department was groaning under the inefficiency and lack of departmentalization in our old Sage 50 system, and we were wasting time maintaining multiple spreadsheets outside of the accounting system to try and keep track of things according to program and department. During the pandemic it became even more clear that we needed to move to a fully departmentalized system, in order to create clarity as well as reduce our workload and increase efficiency.

Enter Lin James and Datalink Office Solutions! When we explained our needs to Lin, she got right to work. She was able to create a fully departmentalized Sage 50 system for us, assist us with creating a new Chart of Accounts to replace our outdated and disorganized version, and she guided us through the process of mapping our old system over to the new one so that the transition would be seamless from an accounting perspective. The process was a lot of work, but Lin’s attention to detail and expertise saw us through, and we have been happily using our new system ever since.

The overall result has been a dramatic increase in the quality of information we are able to retrieve from our system, as well as greatly increased efficiency and time-savings. We are now able to view each program or special project individually in the system, which gives us great control and oversight over our budgets and financial management. We have also been able to leave many of our cumbersome spreadsheets behind, since the new system is tracking expenses, payroll, and revenues in a much more accurate and detailed way. We now have much greater confidence when making spending decisions for our programs, and can justify and evaluate our complex program planning with solid numbers.

The main thing we learned from our Sage 50 reconfiguration process with DataLink Office Solutions was the value of calling on an expert to help us. Although we knew the project would be a big job, there were many accounting and bookkeeping details that Lin with her years of experience was able to sort out, beyond all our anticipations. We are now confident we have the best possible system for moving forward as an organization, and we could not have done this without Lin and DataLink Office Solutions. The system should last us for years to come, particularly since it now allows us to add in a modular way when we start a new program or project. We are also very happy to know that Lin is available, on an ongoing basis per-hour, to provide advice or guidance if we encounter any tricky bookkeeping issues.

Thank you Lin! You have truly made it possible for the HGSCP to be a thriving and effective non-profit supporting vulnerable people in our community.”

Brie Altrogge, (she/her), Executive Director, Haida Gwaii Society for Community Peace – August 25, 2021

“We were referred to Lin … for our partnership bookkeeping needs in February 1999 and we have been very satisfied with the services she provides. We have relied on her knowledge and experience to maintain our records. She strives for quality work, works with you on projects and is always sensitive to keeping the cost reasonable. We count on her knowledge and experience. In June 2008, it was time to change our company from a partnership to an incorporated company.

“Lin worked through that transition of closing the partnership and opening the new company keeping the records for both entities in order while I continued to run the business. She kept us informed every step of the way making it easy, all the while keeping to our existing systems. In 2013, CRA performed a full compliance audit on the company. Although, the auditor took several months to complete the audit, I am happy to report that due to the meticulous record keeping by D.O.S., there were no assessments and disruptions were kept to a minimum.”

Vince LeBlanc, President ,V & R Drain Cleaning – January 28 2015

“I met Lin about six years ago (2007) when my husband decided that I was going to be the book keeper for the company he and my sons started. Having absolutely no experience in bookkeeping and being “deathly” afraid of computers, Lin has been my saving grace. She is very reliable, always has/makes time to answer any questions, no matter how lame, and has a vast amount of knowledge in accounting/bookkeeping. But, best of all, Lin does not make me feel like an idiot because I didn’t get it right the first time! Thanks to her, I have come along way! Lin has helped me feel confident using Simply/Sage 50 and receives my highest regard for recommendation!”

Susan Gagnon, In Style Contracting Ltd.- May 25 2013

“Abbotsford Nando’s has been using Datalink Office Solutions for our bookkeeping needs for three years. Over that time, we have found the service to be professional, accurate, organized and made tailor fit for our needs. Lin is pro-active, readily accessible by phone, email and in person. She has no problem coming out to the restaurant to see us. The whole process has been quite seamless between us, Datalink and our accountant. It is a great relationship that we anticipate will continue for many many years.”

Manjinder Nahal, Abbotsford Nando’s – April 24, 2013

” Lin has been great to work with. She is quick to respond and always helpful when I’m having difficulty with Simply accounting. I love that she can access my computer remotely and quickly fix any problem I’m having. She’s a great asset, knows her stuff, and I highly recommend her.”

Duane Hamilton, Chevron Agent -Cloverdale BC – April 21, 2013

“I’m exceptionally pleased with not only the care and attention that I have received from Datalink Office (Lin) but also the dedication of Lin and all staff.”

“I started off in the industry 5 years ago. I took my schooling from the University but I still did not feel up to par. I met Lin at a Simply Accounting Seminar where I explained my situation and Lin was very eager to help. She was the edge that I needed which allowed me to go into the work force and feel confident in my own abilities.”

“Thank you for all your past and future help that I have come to rely on.”

Elizabeth VanDyk, West Coast Robotics – May 15, 2013

“Upon suddenly finding myself in charge of a full set of books for a busy family business, I was referred to Lin by another small business customer of hers, who named her ‘the guru of Simply Accounting”

“As I had limited practice with the Simply Accounting program, Lin came and sat down with me to go over what I knew and show me what I didn’t, and in one afternoon successfully achieved organization of the books, with a plan and the knowledge of how to proceed to take care of all the dimensions of a small business.”

“As occasional situations requiring more help and information came up over subsequent years I received timely and professional assistance from Lin, and have enjoyed working with her on streamlining and improving our accounting procedures to a point of comfortable and successful operability.”

Barb Elford, Thunderhorse Garage – April 20, 2013

“My story is not uncommon…a year and a half ago, we tried to squeeze another year out of our outdated AccPac software, alas it crashed and was non-repairable. We contacted an established Accounting referral service and hired the recommended expert. After weeks of one disaster after another, we were forced to fire the ‘expert’ and fend for ourselves.”

“I was so impressed with Lin’s dedication, knowledge base, straight forward approach, and honesty that I offered her the permanent position of maintaining our books and SA software…thankfully Lin accepted and we have been working together weekly ever since!”

“It is without reservation or hesitation that I recommend Lin for any and all of your bookkeeping and Simply Accounting needs, she is the best!”

Gary Skipp, President, Bowen Products Limited – November 08, 2010

“I am the owner/operator of a busy White Spot Family Restaurant in British Columbia. After 20 years in the business, I was quite familiar with the ups and downs of daily restaurant management, but had always left the accounting to an accountant. Since this was about to change, I knew I needed to face the facts that I had very little computer knowledge and no background whatsoever in bookkeeping or accounting.

“I needed to find someone who wouldn’t talk over my head, someone who could tailor their help to my level of understanding. And this is where Lin came in. She was able to guide me through any difficulties I had with Simply Accounting in a way that was clear, precise and immediately useful. Lin’s knowledge of Simply is extensive and she seems to genuinely enjoy sharing what she knows. Knowing that I could rely on her to assist me if I needed help gave me the confidence I needed to tackle my business accounts.

“Friendly support, knowledge and clarity – this is what Lin offers, and it has been a pleasure doing business with her.”

Jennifer Dawes, White Spot Restaurant – April 30, 2009

“My association with Lin James started when I was looking for a consultant to setup Simply Accounting Pro and network the accounting computers. I needed someone who had a strong basis in bookkeeping and a detailed knowledge of the computer program. I found this in Lin. Lin was able to evaluate my existing setup and make suggestions to accommodate our growing needs. Lin’s communication skills, attention to detail and ability to handle pressure, ensured the successful implementation of our new networking system.”

Heather Hunter, FarmFed, A Division of K&R Poultry Ltd

“Lin is exceptional with her accounting practices, and is one of the most trustworthy individuals that always strives for perfection”

Julie Edwards, Financial Advisor, BMO Nesbitt Burns

“Lin… your advice and input on layout, wording and design saved me a lot of time and energy. The work was completed with a truly professional appearance, on time and at a reasonable cost. It is nice to know that I can rely on you when I have similar projects that need to be completed.”

Julie McGuire, CFP , McGuire & Hiebert Financial Services Ltd.